Help us give vulnerable and disadvantaged people in Eastern Ukraine a more dignified life

Our Daily Bread exists to give vulnerable and disadvantaged people in Eastern Ukraine the chance of a more dignified life regardless of origin, religion or gender.

We do that through two routes:

Funding community outreach projects

like a rehab centre for alcoholics or a community centre for the elderly, young people, and families.

Funding small businesses

to create jobs and provide services that local people can afford.

Partners in Sumy

Our principles

Our Daily Bread is a Christian organisation and the Bible guides and informs our actions. Our work is based on the Christian principles of compassion and good stewardship.

Our partners

We work through partner churches in Eastern Ukraine that we know well. Our relationship with these partners is based on mutual trust, respect, equality and reciprocity.

Partners in Bakhmut

How we see

A vital aspect of our work is “seeing through their eyes” and helping you to do the same. Eastern Ukraine is vastly different from the West and also very different from Western Ukraine. There is a minimal welfare state, most people have little or no savings, and half of the workforce have few if any skills. We therefore fund grassroots projects that our Ukrainian partners own and that meet the needs of local people. These projects have a flywheel effect because they facilitate further investments and create new opportunities.

How we work

We only fund projects with a solid business plan. Our partner owns the project and must also invest in it. Why? Because we want to help people take responsibility for their lives and stand on their own two feet.