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Construction community centre Sumy

Project status

This is a current project. You can donate to it via Our Daily Bread’s bank account (NL48 INGB 0009 2278 33). Please state “Gift Sumy” when you make your donation. Do you want to stay informed about this project? Then subscribe to our newsletter by sending a mail to


Christ for All Church, Sumy


In 2015, the church purchased 0.15 hectares of land on the edge of Sumy for the community centre. Gradually, as funds allowed, they built the shell of a two-storey building. Their dream is a safe environment where young and old can meet, be cared for and grow. At present, this unfinished building is used in the summer for young people’s activities. However, there is no running water or toilets and so the use is limited.

Now, the inside of the building needs to be finished: first the ground floor will be completed and then the first floor. Ultimately, the building will have 11 bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, 10 toilets, a large catering kitchen, a dining room and a lounge. There will be room to accommodate up to 12 old people on a temporary basis and room for 30 young people who come to the church’s camps. The centre will have 30 beds.

Project goals

Complete the ground floor of the building so that it can be fully used for youth and family activities and can provide some facilities for the elderly.

Investment Our Daily Bread

Investments will be made in phases as the table below shows. Prices in Ukraine are volatile. If prices significantly change during the project then new agreements will be made about any remaining phases.

Stage (in order of importance)

Cost in euros

Benefit for using centre

Water distribution + bathrooms I


Running water, 3 toilets and 4 washbasins

Bathrooms II


3 showers can be used and bathrooms and toilets tiled



Kitchen ready for use – it is tiled and has a water boiler and doors

Sockets, heating, and lighting


Ground floor is warm and electrical devices can be used



Comfortable tiled floor and skirting boards



Ceiling plastered



Walls wallpapered

Total costs project




Investment partner

Our partner has already purchased the land and constructed the shell of the building. In this phase, they will also provide a lot of labour in kind. Ivan the church’s pastor will contribute his expertise in construction. His wife Eugeniya has excellent English and that makes the communication and project management much easier for Our Daily Bread.

Flywheel effect

  • This project will give an considerable boost to the church’s work among the elderly, vulnerable young people and families.
  • The centre will serve as an example of effective community work in Sumy.
  • The work among vulnerable young people will significantly reduce the chances of them ending up in the world of drugs, alcohol, sex or crime.