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Renovation rehab centre

Project status

This project was completed in February 2021.



Temple Bakhmut Church, Bakhmut


Alcohol addiction is a huge problem in the Donetsk region of Ukraine. Government facilities to tackle this problem are very limited. So our partner in Bakhmut took action. In 2016, they established a rehabilitation centre for alcoholics in a house in Bakhmut with room for 12 clients. However, that quickly became too small. So they looked for new accommodation. In 2019, they found a large disused house at the edge of a village near Bakhmut and they purchased it with the help of crowdfunding. This building has room for 20 clients and a hectare of land for farming activities. 


Project goals

  • New internal and external doors
  • New double-glazed windows
  • New wiring 
  • New plumbing
  • New radiators
  • New boiler


Investment Our Daily Bread

Our Daily Bread invested a total of 12,000 euros in this project to pay for these major renovation costs. We also provided our partner with advice and tips throughout the project. 

Investment partner

Our partner invested in kind. People from the church did the non-specialist building work to save labour costs.

Flywheel effect 

  • Misha Kuryak, who coordinated the renovation project, demonstrated his business and leadership skills. He will now run the centre’s animal feed initiative and supervise the activities on the centre’s farm.
  • Other churches and charities in Ukraine now contribute to the initiative. The centre has received donations in the form of food, a new cooker, a bread oven, and materials and volunteers to build a chicken and pig shed on the farm (work in progress).
  • The centre is a shining example of alcohol rehabilitation work in the Bakhmut region, with many contacts in the social services network there. It also serves as an example for initiatives elsewhere in Ukraine. The renovated and larger location further consolidates the centre’s position.