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Small businesses


Unemployment in Eastern Ukraine is high and hits less-educated workers in particular. If they are lucky, such people can get casual work for a few weeks but there are few permanent jobs.

Our Daily Bread therefore supports small businesses that help less-educated people to earn an income.

How we fund small businesses

A small business must submit a business plan to receive funding. We assess the plan in consultation with our partners in Ukraine. Viable plans receive support, and if a plan is not viable then other possibilities for the persons concerned are explored.

Small businesses are funded with a gift. Within three years, the recipient must donate at least 10% of that amount to another small business or a community outreach project in Ukraine. Then those who we help in turn help others. The donation is made in consultation with Our Daily Bread.

Our projects

Our latest project is an animal feed initiative at the rehabilitation centre in Bakhmut. This provides work therapy for the clients and generates income for the rehabilitation centre. Click here to read more about this project.