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Support Pastor Oleksii

Project status

This project was completed in December 2020.


Temple Bakhmut Church, Bakhmut


In 2017, the church in Bakhmut started a church in the nearby town of Siversk (about 12,000 inhabitants). Siversk suffered significant damage during the Donbass war. Many younger people and families fled to Kyiv and other parts of Ukraine and have not returned. Therefore a lot of older people were left behind. The church in Siversk is led by Oleksii Zamorenyi and falls under the responsibility of the church in Bakhmut.

Project goals

  • Provide temporary funding for pastor Oleksii until he could find other income
  • Encourage him as he develops the church’s community outreach programmes


Investment Our Daily Bread

Our Daily Bread invested 700 euros in this project.

Investment partner

Pastor Oleksii continued to invest in building up his own network and finding other sources of income. He also took major steps in expanding the church’s community outreach.

Flywheel effect

Pastor Oleksii has a real heart for old people. Together with a Ukrainian charity, he established a small old people’s home in Siversk in autumn 2020. It has room for ten old people. Church members work there as volunteers. The level of accommodation and service is simple. However, this is vitally important pioneering work. Small-scale homes like this are a lifeline for the people they help because these clients have no family left to care for them.

Our Daily Bread now supports this work in kind by encouraging Oleksii, thinking with him and advocating his work to a wider audience. At present, he can find enough financial support from other sources in Ukraine.